Thursday, 28 April 2011

Julian Velard: Mr Saturday Night - My Review

It’s challenging to write an unbiased review when already a fan, but when something is this good, I feel obliged to state the obvious! 

There is something you need to know before you listen to Mr Saturday Night, the new album from Julian Velard. This piano player from NYC isn’t your run of the mill singer-songwriter guy. And he loves movies and musicals. With that in mind, his new CD, released tomorrow, is described as ‘classic piano pop with a Broadway makeover.’ There is a definite theatrical flavour running throughout the album as Velard drags 70’s pop bang up-to-date.

Listening to it is like a different story unfolding everytime as you embark on a journey with Mr Saturday Night, a character Julian has adopted as his alter ego. The quirky up-tempo tracks are cheerful and guaranteed to get your feet tapping. The ballads are classics in the making, especially Sentimental, one of my favourites. After two weeks of playing the album on repeat, I am still really excited about it. That’s got to be a good thing!

Regardless of what music you’re in to, I recommend you give this a listen. Julian has a candid approach to his songwriting, and with his infectious smile, you can’t help but warm to him. From the outset, this record will leave you feeling much better about your day!

Mr Velard is one to watch.
Check out Julian's website and don’t miss his live webcasts every Tuesday! 

Mr Saturday Night Tracklisting:
  1. Me And My Mirror On A Saturday Night
  2. Love Again For The First Time
  3. Sentimental
  4. No Wrong
  5. Fellow Americans
  6. On To Something
  7. Soundtrack Of My Life
  8. The Guy Who
  9. Everybody Wants To Be Famous
  10. Still In Love
  11. Take The Money And Run
  12. Another Guy’s Song
(First published April 3rd 2011 here)

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