Saturday, 16 April 2011

Songs From The Chateau out Monday!

Release date: April 18th 2011.

Kyle’s latest Candid offering is a marvellous collection of scintillating, highly listenable quality jazz in the contemporary mode. Staying true to his roots Kyle set out in the summer of 2010 to capture on disc the energy, spirit and charisma with which his band has toured all over the world. The Chateau Couronneau in Bordeaux country in France turned out to be the ideal place to give free rein to the band’s individual and collective talents
Kyle has emerged not only as a world class bassist but also is now one of the finest composers in jazz today. Ally this imposing talent to the individual skills of the musicians and the underlying energy which comes from the admirable empathy the band has achieved through regularly playing together and the results are truly stunning.
Kyle plays at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in London for 4 nights starting April 20th. For tickets: click here
You can also see him at Cheltenham Jazz Festival on April 29th. Details here
Check Kyle’s website for all his tour details.

Moon Over Couronneau
Cafe Calypso
Soul Captain
Over The Line
Down At Ronnie’s

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