Thursday, 28 April 2011

Twitter Q&A with Jamie

Jamie recently answered questions from fans on Twitter. Here's what he had to say:

@winantya: I’d like to ask depend on your popularity today, are you using bodyguards to protect you from fans?
Jamie: no need. I’m a very fast runner.

@Eccerke: What’s the biggest challange for you as a singer/performer?
Jamie: Consistency on a long tour and keeping it fresh and different every night.

@CSBenno: What is your favourite piano & why?
Jamie: Yamaha S6. Great sound and touch and stands up to punishment ! Also my 1920s Feurich Upright in my house.

@imaeaturbaby: would you ever try something quite different and produce a song or perform with John Mayer?
Jamie: I’d love to perform with John, he’s an awesome musician. Just waiting for the call. 

@jleung10: What was the first book you read more than once because it was just that amazing?
Jamie: On the Road by Jack Kerouac made me want to get out and experience life.

@analysisofpoe: do you ever forget how to play your songs during your shows? and do you just improvise then? 
Jamie: this happens more often than I care to acknowledge.

@harugiku: I’m Japanese in Tokyo. When I felt sad about earthquake, I listened your song, don’t stop the music. I’m encouraged, thanks!
Jamie: My heart bleeds for Japan, a country I love so much, that has given me so much in return. I send all the love I have to you all x 

@Lorenanaar: Which is your favorite song (composed by you) and why?
Jamie: right now it is probably Mixtape. It is like my personality manifesto and really fun to play live.

@magicpotion: what do you do to steady your nerves before going on stage?
Jamie: hang out with the band and make bad jokes, warm up my voice and take a slug of scotch 

@megjknight: what’s the best advice someone is ever given you?
Jamie: Find something you like doing and do it for the rest of your life. 

@GeorgiaWatsonUK: What is your favourite perfume to wear?
Jamie: I’m currently wearing “Fantastic Man” from Byredo. 

@Mochi_and_Kiwi: Any clues as to what’s in store for us on the upcoming album?
Jamie: working on it at the moment. I may make it at home! I want it to feel like a handmade postcard. 

@MsGreenfieldz: What venue/festival/location would you like 2 perform at that u haven’t yet and why?
Jamie: Bonnaroo in the US. It’s meant to be amazing fun! 

@belly_ladybug: what is your favorite movie?
Jamie: Crimes and Misdemeanours by Woody Allen.

@RominaCasanova: have thought of doing again a tour in south america?
Jamie: yes yes and yes!! Be patient, we will come and see you all!

@Soofjah: do you have any good advice for beginning singers?
Jamie: embrace your rough edges but learn some technique too.

@maerys: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Jamie: cookie dough dynamo.

@aysegulicin: whenever I listen to Gran Torino, I feel like crying. I also love the movie. What do you think of the movie?
Jamie: I felt so profoundly proud to be a part of such an awesome movie. 

@Plui5: Which #NinjaTune artist is your favorite?
Jamie: The Bug. 

@S_Katre: would you consider coming to perform in Estonia, some day? or at least back to Sweden(Stockholm)?
Jamie: I’d love to perform in Estonia. No one asks me to come to Sweden anymore i’m afraid! 
@iwgirlcyclist: why don’t you grow your hair like you had it in the sixth form??
Jamie: because on reflection I looked like a total ***. 

@evanvocalist: Two questions: What got you started in jazz? What’s the best songwriting advice you have to give? 
Jamie: 1.) hearing Herbie Hancock. 2.) always start out with a clear idea of what you want to say. 

@AlexKissack: when you compose, do you start with the melody or the chord structure? help!
Jamie: there is no rule. It could be both. This morning I started with just chords with no melody or words. 

@smac_attack3: got any advice for women dealing with sexism or freeloaders in the music biz?
Jamie: become so good at what you do that no one can *** with you.

@meganamcclymont: what’s your favourite type of chocolate?
Jamie: dark chocolate with sea salt or chilli

@rudaowieczka: What’s your favourite book? Or an author?
Jamie: Paul Auster and Virginia Woolf

@r0bingreene: Why don’t you get a #sophieforever tattoo on your arm?
Jamie: such things are bad luck! No self-respecting tattoo artist would allow it.

@wirdotpermadot: how old are you? why you’re so ‘babyface’ huh?
Jamie: elephant dung, applied twice a day

@chinchinito: What’s your favorite tv series???
Jamie: currently Boardwalk Empire, The Killing and Big Love

@mahopo1: What do you take to a desert island (beside family).?You may choose 3 things but there is no power there. 
Jamie: an espresso maker, a Wurlitzer electric piano and a reel to reel tape machine. 

@erikebbers: I know you listen too a lot of music but do you listen to Classical music? Cause i never have heard you talk about that.
Jamie: I’m learning more about classical music all the time. Chopin, Gorecki and Sibelius are my current faves. 

@cris_adsuar What do you think about downloading the music before buying the record?
Jamie: hearing it and coming to the show is what interests me.

@tommarshall: What’s the one instrument you have always wanted to be perfect at?
Jamie: I’m working on my dubious drumming skills at the moment and trying to play some Chopin on the piano.
@AstiE7: When you wrote “All at Sea” did you ever think of Virginia Woolf’s “To the Lighthouse”? I always felt a connection in my mind
Jamie: I love To the lighthouse. All at sea actually started life as a drum and bass tune Roni Size Style if you can believe it!
@rocio_dian: has your work on the radio show influenced the creative process of your new album?
Jamie: very much so. I am listening to even more music right now which really widens the palette.
@londonskies: if you weren’t proceeding a music career what career path would you take instead?
Jamie: a writer or shoe maker.
@dan2303: on which of your songs can you hear the kettle in your kitchen boiling?
Jamie: We run things. Verse 2.
@rocio_dian: what brand are the famous blue shoes & where did u buy them?
Jamie: Paul Smith
@Lauwtch: Which do you prefer? The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
Jamie: It’s close, but it’s the Beatles.
@JodieWatsonUK: What is your favourite memory of your childhood?
Jamie: beach holidays in Cornwall every summer.
@luislandscapes: What is the most beautiful venue you’ve ever played at?
Jamie: Palau de la Musica in Barcelona

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