Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sophie Dahl on Cooking

Author and food writer talks about honey pancakes, mushy peas, drop scones, choux pastry, baked onions and Winnie the Pooh. Perfect lunch-break reading (as long as you're having a good lunch)

I remember making drop scones from The Pooh Cook Book by Katie Stewart when I was little. What draws you to this book?

This was the first book I thought of when I was thinking of my five books. I just remember it being a big part of my small childhood and I think that the copy I had originally belonged to my mum. I can’t remember any recipes from it, except for one for honey pancakes, yet I remember taking the book everywhere with me. I adored the cover of Pooh in his hat with his pancake frying pan. It has such lovely illustrations with those beautiful line drawings.

So this book was a really big part of the culinary associations of my childhood, as was my paternal grandmother, who I called Gee-Gee. When I was tiny she used to send me letters with recipes which I now have framed in my more

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