Friday, 27 May 2011

Video: ESPN Interview with Jamie Cullum

The musician Jamie Cullum, one of the youngest of contemporary jazz hits, is known to recreate music with an own unique style,mainly of former Jazz players. The Englishman was at the festivalWe Natura, last weekend, and was interviewed exclusively by Kick Off.

Cullum, who was in Brazil for six years, told the presenter EduardoMonsanto who thought that the Brazilians not remember it. "I thought I had forgotten, but the reception was as good as anywhere else in the world, and certainly we will come back, " he said.

At the last FIFA awards the best player in the world, which Messiwas the winner, who Cullum was performed at the event. AboutBrazilian music, the singer and pianist who once worked with saidMaria Rita and concluded: "I've had the pleasure of meeting Caetano Swift and Milton."


Thanks to Vanessa Santos for uploading the video so everyone can view it now!

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