Thursday, 16 June 2011

Fan Review: Jazz sous les Pommiers, France

Review by Anne-Sophie, Emma, Véronique and Lucie. 

Going to a Jamie Cullum’s gig is always very exciting, so when there are two gigs, and when we share it with great people, it’s absolutely perfect! We went to Coutances (Normandy) between Cullumholics. (Anne-Sophie, Emma, Véronique, Lucie), and during the hours of waiting in front of the venue, we met very kind people, most of whom had never seen Jamie live. The audience was extremely eclectic, all the generations were present.

Friday night Jamie arrived on stage in a smart suit (which he didn’t keep for a long time as usual), and he started with Next Year and its crazy batucada. Then he went to speak to the audience. “I'm 31. The festival is 30. We’re almost the same age. Many people think I'm 17 years old but I'm really 31. You should have seen me when I was 17: I looked like a foetus! It’s always a pleasure for us to play in France. When you play in a festival in England, they give you a sausage and some kind of cold mashed potatoes. In France, when we arrive, we get moules-frites, pâté, wine. This is what I like. It’s my stuff.” He then went on with Get your way and his jump from the piano may have surprised more than one people in the room. We felt a real difference compared to a Jamie’s gig with only his usual public. Actually most of the spectators didn’t know him (or maybe just a little bit), and it took several songs for the mood to increase. At the end Jamie succeeded in conquering this audience who did a standing ovation after his interpretation of You and the night and the music in the public. The concert ended with the audience stand up and in front of the stage.

After the show, Jamie went out, signed some autographs and posed for photos. After all our tweets begging him to sing "I Love This", we seized the opportunity to ask him in person: then he stopped talking for a little while, tried to remember the tabs by playing an imaginary piano and told us he would try to play it the following day.

He also agreed to record a message for the Cullumholics! Watch this video HERE!

We'd never been to an "afternoon JC gig" before so we were a little bit worried about it: would the audience sing and dance as usual? Would Jamie and the band be as "crazy" as they use to be? At the end all our fears had been erased. Even before the gig started, the audience was clapping and asking for the band. Maybe there were more Cullumholics in the venue than the day before! Concerning Jamie, he once again gave everything on stage. When he arrived (only wearing jeans and a polo shirt, because it was too hot in the venue), he pulled off a piece of paper from his pocket and put it on the piano. We hoped that it concerned our request for I love this, and we were right! Jamie told the audience that he had fans who bullied him on Twitter to get this song in live: "I have fans who ask me to play really confidential songs which were only released in limited edition of my albums in Japan or elsewhere, and most of the time, I don't even remember myself how to play them anymore!". He also told that this hardcore fanbase threatened to kill him if he didn't sing it. So we loudly denied and told we promised to buy him a drink if he complied with our request. So he ordered two glasses of whisky on the rocks and some bottles of Bordeaux. He explained this song was based on childhood memories as he took a ferry with his grandfather to visit his uncle in Sweden. These crossings were boring so his grandfather used to pull together socks to make a football and they played on the deck. Then, he told the audience that if the song was a disaster, they should blame the four ladies in the front row, which meant us! The song was extraordinary and unique since Jamie ended it by singing that he was waiting for his single malt whisky. Jamie gave us a great gift with this song, thanks again to him and to the wonderful musicians, Brad Webb, Rory Simmons, Chris Hill, Simon Allen (and also Tom Richards who was replaced by Simon for the second gig!).

After this show Jamie also went out to see his fans (who were more numerous than the day before). While he was posing for pictures and signing autographs, we had the chance to talk with Brad Webb and he was really kind and friendly. Although he was trying to discretly "escape" while Jamie was grabbing all the attention, as soon as we recognized him behind his sunglasses (and despite his short hair!), he stopped and chatted a little while with us. He told us he felt the second gig was better than the first and asked for our opinion. Anne-Sophie also exchanged some words with Rory Simmons and Chris Hill. These guys are all incredibly exquisite, polite and above all that, humble. Then we brought Jamie a glass of beer instead of whisky! And we told him about "Oliver from Toulouse" who couldn't make it to the show and asked him if he could sign him an autograph. Jamie immediately exclaimed: "Oliver from Toulouse, of course!”. And he wrote a really kind note to Oliver, one of his biggest fans: we were all really excited for him.

During both shows, Jamie talked a lot to the audience, who seemed to enjoy his stories, his personality and appreciated his efforts to speak French: "Je suis très honoré de jouer pour vous ce soir".

Finally, even if the Friday gig was really great (as always with Jamie!), the Saturday one was even better. We strongly suspect Cullumholics to have colonized the venue on this second show and to be responsible for this incredible moment of music, emotion and sharing with five great guys!


Vendredi :

-Next Year
-Get your way
-Just one of those things
-Not while I’m around
-Don’t stop the music
-I’m all over it
-You know what it means to miss New Orleans
-You and the night and the music (in the audience)
-These are the days

Rappel :
-All at sea
-Gran Torino

Samedi :

-I get a kick out of you
-Mind trick
-If I ruled the world
-Pure imagination
-Photograph (solo de Brad)
-Don’t stop the music
-What a difference a day made
-I love this
-Caravan (in the audience)

Rappel : 
-All at sea
-Wind cries Mary
-I’ve got you under my skin.

It's always so interesting to read fan reviews with all the important little details that the press leaves out! Thankyou ladies for working so hard on your review written in English. I'm sure other readers will agree with me that it was excellent review! 

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