Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Fan Review: Jamie Cullum in Lebanon

Review by Johnny Boghossian, who won tickets to see Jamie in my recent competition.
Byblos Festival, Lebanon - July 12, 2011
After taking the wrong bus and having to walk for 10 km which makes around one hour and half I thought my day couldn’t get any better but it seems I was mistaken and didn’t know what Jamie Cullum has been installing for us.
Though I wasn’t able to move any longer I made my way to the concert venue in Byblos which was overloaded with fans from all ages waiting to see Jamie and the location of the venue is directly beneath the Mediterranean Sea and it was just breath taking. 
It was show time and Jamie took over the stage for 2 magical hours singing the best songs I could ever think of. He jumped, he flew and he danced. He is an amazing, a 360 degree artist. Though I attended many concerts in my life I never felt so close to an artist like we all did with Jamie in which he speaks with his audience as if they are his friends and he continuously say amazing jokes that makes us want to cry from happiness. We were just overwhelmed by the positive vibes that we were all sharing in that beautiful night. 
Jamie Cullum continuously greeted the Lebanese crowd by speaking with them Arabic, yes, the Arabic language but of course he gave them his own English identity. Throughout the 2 hours we sang, we danced and he showed us what a modest artist he is, though he is a huge super star. Finally, he gave everyone of us an inspiration by telling us how he started from a lonely boy performing in a ship to a massive superstar that thousands wait for him each day. 
We were very blessed he came to Lebanon and that he inspired us all not only by his passion in music but his one of a kind funny sweet personality. 
The 6000 crowd became a beautiful choir at the end and of course, the MASTERO was Jamie Cullum who was able to conduct an angelic piece and made us all proud.
Jamie, if you’re reading this, we already miss you and thank you for giving us a night we will never forget. 
You can see Johnny's photos from the show here
Thanks for your thoughts on the show Johnny! So glad you enjoyed it.             

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