Tuesday, 26 July 2011

From the Archives: Jamie Cullum at Pizza Express Jazz Club 2003

Following Jamie's triumphant return to Pizza Express Jazz Club tonight, check out what John Fordham had to say about his gig there back in 2003...

So far, so good. The six-figure album deal that pushed Jamie Cullum out of the jazz buffs' columns and on to the front pages this spring seems to have left his tousled head much the same manageable size.
On the evidence of a return to the Pizza Express Jazz Club, the 23-year-old British singer and pianist appears to have gained confidence without sacificing his easy congeniality, sharpened his keyboard attack, given his trio a licence to turn up the heat - and significantly deepened his grasp of emotional songs, even within the nine months or so since his last appearance at the same venue with the same partners... read more

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