Friday, 1 July 2011

Mention in The Independant

Look out Harvey Goldsmith, there's a new rock promoter in town. Roman Abramovich has poured £20m in to his latest obsession, a basement club which he intends to turn into Britain's most exclusive live music venue.
Under The Bridge is the latest addition to the Russian oligarch's collection which already includes superyachts, a vault of priceless art and Chelsea FC, which houses the new venue beneath the Stamford Bridge stadium complex. Associates say the 600-capacity Under The Bridge club is more than just a plaything for Mr Abramovich, whose wealth is estimated at £11bn.
The Russian now spends his evenings mingling with fans at gigs and asking their opinion of the sound system he has installed at considerable cost. A colleague said: "Roman is a big music fan and he's serious about the club. He wants the Rolling Stones to play here. He's built a luxury backstage green room, installed a hydraulic stage, bought the best sound system in Europe and filled the place with classic rock memorabilia. He usually gets what he wants."
On Wednesday night, Mr Abramovich chatted with surprised fans at a Jamie Cullum gig. Tonight he is expected to welcome Dr John, the New Orleans R'n'B legend, who is performing for the London more

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  1. Man....that place seems AWSOME!!!! I would totally check the stones out there if they went! hats off ROMAN!