Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New York Post interviews Kyle Eastwood

Speaking from Paris, Eastwood told The Post he was looking forward to coming to New York -- his old stomping ground.
"I lived in the city for almost seven years, and I love almost everything about it," he says. "Except I don't miss having to get onto a crowded subway car with my [double] bass and a small amp."
Here's what else he told us.

Post: What were the good New York memories?
Eastwood: I used to live near the old Knitting Factory in TriBeCa. [My roommates and I] were a little closer to the Chinatown side, so everybody called it ChiBeCa -- a great place for food, music and fun. That's why the Blue Note feels so comfortable a fit. After the show I'll probably take a detour to the East Village for some Two Boots pizza -- the "Cleopatra Jones" is one of my favorites....read more


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