Friday, 16 September 2011

On a break...

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Since Jamie finished his summer tour last month, things have been a little quiet. Sure, there's been JC news to read. There are plenty of other exciting things going on in the jazz world. In other worlds too. 

However, when I unexpectedly heard a Jamie song today, it suddenly struck me that I missed that 'On tour with Jamie' feeling. Even when enjoyed from the first row seat in front of a computer screen! That's the amazing thing about the internet these days. It can bring you so close to the music of your favourite artists.
So, whilst the intrepid Jamie and band spent their summer travelling thousands of miles in a bus or plane, living out of a suitcase, visiting Lebanon, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden and more, what about those who couldn't get to the shows? We still got a taste of that tour from the comfort of our homes via 'as-it-happened' reports from fellow fans, You Tube videos, even live concert broadcasts across the world. This fact alone may have served to bring together the growing JC fan community on Twitter this past couple of years. The live music experience is very unifying and how much more so now that social media can transform a local event into a global one.

It may come as a shock to learn I don't listen to Jamie Cullum all the time. As a fan of all kinds of music, my listening habits go through phases. It's not a conscious decision but necessary to keep the music fresh. Anyway, there is a limit to how much music you can listen to in a day. This is why my blog isn't exclusively about Jamie, though it began as such. Indeed, he is an artist who embraces musical diversity, so I try to reflect that in the content. That brings me back to the moment today when I heard Jamie sing a few notes and was transported to a warm fuzzy place. Maybe you know that feeling? It isn't a sad feeling or one of wishing I could go to every live show going. More a confirmation of the positive impact the music of Mr Cullum has had in my life these past eight years, especially the live experience, and many happy memories (and funny stories!) I've accummulated in that time.

Of course, Jamie can't tour all the time. The guy has a family to care for and that is more important than anything else in the world. Besides the odd gig or engagement, I imagine he is contentedly holed up in his studio writing his next record, eating delicious home cooked dinners, thoroughly enjoying being a stay-at-home daddy and not living out of his suitcase. 

Hopefully, he is finding much inspiration from being on a break...

How do you feel? I would love to know what you think, so please leave a comment!

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  1. I won't deny I was more than a little sad when Jamie didn't come back to Toronto this year but I completely understand why. I know he can't be everywhere all of the time and does have Sophie & Lyra (and Princess) now to think about. I loved reading all the tweets from fellow fans from his shows across Europe this summer as well as his updates. I also listen to a wide variety of music though I try to incorporate at least one of Jamie's tunes into my day. I look forward to the release of his new album and hopefully a tour that will include Toronto the next time around :) I thank YOU for keeping us all up-to-date on everything 'JAMIE' and I thank you for being a friend :)