Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Welcome to Jamie Cullum Day 2011

Why Jamie Cullum Day? To be honest, all the Cullum fans I know don't need an excuse to incorporate Jamie into their day! But today, November 9th 2011, marks two years since Jamie released The Pursuit in the UK. So why not celebrate that fact?

After a long sabbatical, Jamie really stepped it up with this album. The success of his world tour and all that entailed firmly stamped Jamie's name on the world class map. His dynamic, innovative approach to music sets him apart, a fact many thousands will testify to when witnessed personally at one of his incredible live shows from London to Lebanon, Berlin to Brazil, supported by his super talented band: Chris Hill, Brad Webb, Rory Simmons & Tom Richards, and also brother Ben!

Read more about JC day here

Some fans have told me what they will be doing to celebrate Jamie Cullum Day. Here are a few of those ideas:

  • A Jamie Cullum music marathon
  • Contacting local radio stations to request a JC song
  • One fan has done a JC painting to exhibit locally
  • Jump off pianos?!
  • Watch the DVD of Jamie Cullum at The Proms
  • If you missed tonight's Radio 2 show, catch up with that
  • Join us at 8pm (UK time) for a Twitter meet-up & don't forget to use the hashtag #JamieCullumDay in your tweets!

How will you spend Jamie Cullum Day?

Special competition coming up later!

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