Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Another EXCLUSIVE for the Jamie Cullum show

The Jamie Culllum Show on BBC Radio 2 is THE place to be! 

If you listened to Jamie's show last night, you will have heard the first UK play of a new track from Paul McCartney, I'm Gonna Sit Down and Write Myself a Letter. More on that here

Also on the show, Jamie mentioned his recent exclusive play of Gregory Porter's latest single Be Good.

With exclusive plays and an ever-increasing roster of big names in the music world being added to the guestlist, as well as hugely talented new kids on the block, it's an exciting prospect to imagine where Jamie and his team will take the weekly jazz show next. Those in charge at Radio 2 must be very happy with the success of the show. And Jamie? He has said more than once that he can't imagine his life without the show now. A sentiment I'm sure all his fans and listeners would echo. It's such an education and a joy to listen to every Tuesday evening.  

Thinking ahead, on April 6th 2012, it will be two years since the show began. Read One Year of Jamie Cullum on BBC Radio 2

I hope we, the fans round the world, can mark the occasion with our customary Twitter Party and meet online during Jamie's show that week (April 3rd). More to come on that but for now, mark your diaries!

Who would you like to hear in chat or in session on the show? Leave a comment or tweet me!

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