Sunday, 1 January 2012

Just to say...

Since 2006, Ebuzzing (formerly Wikio), has been publishing a very useful blog reference ranking and maintains a huge index of the most influential blogs. 

One of my favourite blogs, the honourable 'London Jazz', with its finger on the pulse of the jazz world, deservedly holds strong in the top 20 most influential music blogs

I note that in the five months 'All Things Cullum' has been listed with Ebuzzing, it has moved up in the ranks and in December 2011, finds itself sitting at #69! A small thing really, but nice to know it is being viewed all the same and I would like to take this opportunity at the beginning of this brand new year, to thank YOU for continuing to visit and read. 

See you in 2012 with lots of new posts about Jamie Cullum and so much more! x

1 comment:

  1. great news ! it is a wonderful place for me to visit & to browse through /read, it's so rich & informative, not just on Jamie, but on the wider world of jazz & exciting artists in the music world, So it maybe us that visit the page again & again, but it is you, who collects & puts the information there in the first place :) thank you X