Monday, 16 April 2012

Jazzed Up!

I'm very excited about the upcoming launch of a new project called Jazzed Up! Here's the manifesto...

Jazz can be an intimidating genre to enter into. It can appear as though you must either immerse yourself in the music, the facts and figures, the lifestyles of the greats, or not bother at all. And if you do want to dip your toe into jazz, where do you start? This is a question that niggled me for years, and I want to help people find their entrance with a user-friendly medium. We're making jazz more approachable and accessible. We will be launching late April. 

If you are a fan of Jamie Cullum, you will already know he has a similar philosophy, so I am really looking forward to seeing what Jazzed Up comes up with to introduce yet more listeners to the wonderful world of jazz!

Be sure to follow on Twitter @Jazzed_Up & bookmark the new website

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