Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Roundup: Miami-Barcelona-London-Baku

...the best way to catch up with what's been happening this week in the world of Jamie Cullum and beyond!

Hello everyone from a very hot and sunny England! Apparently we beat Barcelona in the temperature stakes today. Things have been hotting up in Jamie Cullum world aswell and the latest edition of Friday Roundup is jam-packed with exciting news, so grab a cool drink and enjoy! 


Jamie popped over to Miami and also unveiled a brand new project with 3 Spanish artists. Oh, and he was hanging out with the Queen. Tomorrow, one of his songs will be performed live in Baku, Azerbaijan and televised to millions. All in a week's work.

  • My favourite photo this week is this one taken in Miami of Jamie with band members Brad Webb and Chris Hill:
Credit: Ryan Troy

View more photos here

  • His visit to the US led to some new interviews where he spills a few beans! Read what he said in Glamour and Billboard
  • Jamie and Sophie were invited to a diamond jubilee celebration in the presence of her Majesty the Queen. See photos of Jamie with the Queen. 
He later tweeted:
I. Met. The. Queen. Last. Night. That is all.

  • Citizens of the World... We were teased with tantalising peeks into the new project Jamie has been working on, introducing us to three talented artists from Spain - Carlos Sadness, Frank T and Nita (Fuel Fandango). There is beer involved too, look out for some subtle product placement! 

Watch teaser video 
part 1, part 2 and part 3

  • Jamie broadcast live from the BBC studios on Tuesday for another eclectic selection of tracks. We were treated to a cool session from Alice Russell and Quantic. There was even a special appearance from Mara Carlyle! Here she is with Alice. If you missed it, you can listen again until Tuesday evening on the BBC Radio 2 website

I was going through some of my old archive stuff and came across photos and video clips I took back in the early days. Although not HD quality by any means, the audio is fair and I thought you might enjoy them too
  • Sophie Dahl spoke at the new London festival 'Ways With Words' and made all the papers with this
  • Singer-songwriter Sara Mitra reported the happy news of safe delivery of a healthy baby girl on Sunday. Congratulations to Sara and family! x
  • A video I enjoyed this week was the unique combination of Gregory Porter, Zara McFarlane and Dutch singer Shirma Rouse singing in Rotterdam at a Nina Simone Tribute show. Watch here
  • Tonight, we were treated to the first ever Melissa James webcast! She showcased the beautiful songs from her upcoming debut 'Day Dawns' which is released next month. I will add the link to the session when it goes up!
  • New Wrenne video, Open Arms, recorded and produced by Ben Cullum. See it here


  • Next week on Jamie's BBC Radio 2 show is Brazilian singer Ceu. Tune in from 7pm on BBC Radio 2
  • Joe Simpson's musician portraits, including Jamie, are being exhibited in the Royal Albert Hall. Find out when you can visit here
  • The New York Festivals Awards Gala takes place on June 18th in NYC. Jamie's radio show is a finalist and hopefully he will take home the award (another one!) You can buy tickets for this event, a snip at $345
  • AND FINALLY. Eurovision time tomorrow. Jamie's song 'Standing Still' will be performed by German singer Roman Lob and is expected to do well in the competition. Though Jamie won't be in Baku (at least I assume he won't be!), no doubt he will be rooting for his song!

See you next week! 

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