Thursday, 31 May 2012

Parkinson Masterclass with Jamie

It was a real pleasure to see Jamie in London last night as the subject of veteran interviewer Sir Michael Parkinson's brand new show called Parkinson: Masterclass. The show is one of six in a special series, to be broadcast from September 15 (date of Jamie's show tbc) on Sky Arts:

A six-part cultural series hosted by Sir Michael Parkinson, profiling 6 distinguished and talented personalities; all at the top of their art and with a story to tell. Each programme will take an in-depth look at their backgrounds, inspirations and motivations, and essentially how they have succeeded in mastering their ‘craft’. The show will also include a demonstration feature which will give the guest a chance to display their skill, and a question-and-answer segment where the audience will be able to probe their idols.

Without giving too much away, the focus on Jamie's musicianship was most fascinating. We heard a few familiar stories, aswell as some not so well-known from his career thus far. The interview rapidly progressed from the black leather chairs to the piano of course, and we were treated to some improvisation and some full songs, including a very special You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You.  

Parky said of Jamie that music spills out of him. The mutual respect and comradery between Jamie and Parky was very evident throughout and led to some funny moments. 

The show was also recorded in 3-D, much to Sir Michael's amusement! Look out for it when it goes out in the autumn.

Read about how Michael Parkinson was pivotal in helping to launch Jamie's career in The Parkinson Connection

EDIT: This show will be broadcast on November 13th at 9pm on Sky Arts 1 HD

See photos and video clips of the show here and here 

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