Sunday, 13 May 2012

Review: Independent on Gregory Porter & Jamie Cullum

In today's Independent:

If Paloma Faith's voice is almost entirely self-willed, the US jazz/soul vocalist Gregory Porter has both nature and nurture on his side. His mother was a church minister in Bakersfield, and he began his professional career in musical theatre, writing and performing a one-man show about lost father-figures, Nat King Cole and Me. He's also a big man, with big lungs to match, but what really impresses about Porter's voice is its hinterland: there is so much power in reserve that he needs only to let out a little at a time to convince. His orotund phrasing and warm, Californian intonation complete a fabulous vocal talent. But Porter is no mere canary: he writes the songs he sings, with a strong suit in dreamily spiritual, black-consciousness more

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