Monday, 13 August 2012

Clare Teal's Build a Big Band

This morning, Clare Teal was interviewed on BBC Radio 2 about her latest project in association with BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Radio 2 called 'Build a Big Band'. There was a vague reference to such shows as X Factor and The Voice but this fundraising project is locally based in Leeds.

Clare's challenge was to bring together great musicians of all ages to form a community big band. The band will perform for BBC's Children In Need later in the year.

Also involved is pianist Grant Windsor. Read more

What a great thing it would be to roll this kind of idea out across the UK to get communities coming together for jazz! Musicians had a wonderful opportunity at last year's The Big Audition with Jamie Cullum and Pizza Express but there are so many brilliant jazz musicians in communities around Britain who just haven't had the platform to be heard. You could even take it into the education system, start young! 

What better person to spearhead such a campaign than our own Mr Jamie Cullum...
Build a Jazz Band??

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