Monday, 6 August 2012

Jamie's Jazz Mags on 6Music [04.08.12]

This weekend welcomed the return of Jamie's Jazz Mags, a feature on the Jon Holmes Show on 6Music. 

Listen again (from 2:19:35)

Here's a transcript of this week's Jamie's Jazz Mags...
This week's Jazz Angler Magazine has some professional tips on how to land and gut a freshwater trumpet. Plus news of a 15 pound clarinet that was caught hiding in some clarinet reeds. It's the biggest clarinet ever caught in the wild in the UK. Plus reviews of all the latest jazz tackle and advice for the budding horn fisher. It's some wet jazz.

This month's Guns & Jazz Magazine once more focuses mostly on guns and jazz. There's a review of the new Smith & Wesson 40mm shoulder mounted ground to air jazz launcher for launching jazz at the enemy. Plus, after a householder in America killed an intruder with a Thelonious Monk boxset, what of the new anti-jazz legislation making its way through congress?

British Jazz Fancier Magazine has advice on breeding your own jazz at each stage of it's life, from egg to fully-grown quintet.
Plus how to hand-feed a piano.

It's a whole dollop of genuine jazz.

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