Friday, 28 December 2012

Friday Roundup: Last word for 2012

'Time flies when you're having fun' 

So suggests the familiar adage. Curiously, there have been scientific experiments to test whether this is the case, the results of which were published in Psychological Science journal of August 2012. The conclusion?

“Although we tend to believe that time flies when we’re having a good time, these studies indicate what it is about the enjoyable time that causes it to go by more quickly.
It seems to be the goal pursuit or achievement-directed action we’re engaged in that matters. Just being content or satisfied may not make time fly, but being excited or actively pursuing a desired object can.” 

What has this got to do with Jamie?  About his last studio album released in 2009, Jamie said of The Pursuit,

"In life, we pursue everything. Life is one long pursuit."

Importantly, whilst we, the fans, have been eagerly anticipating brand new music from Jamie, we haven't been left to our own devices. And that's where the fun comes in. As we tag along on the journey, time really does fly.  

His award-winning weekly show on the nation's most listened to radio station has seen to that. Jamie has successfully managed to stay in the public eye (for the right reasons) despite not having an album to promote, and though not the hectic touring schedule he is known for, has managed to play some high profile gigs and perform on TV several times.  

That Jamie regularly engages with his fans and shows that he appreciates their support guarantees him a loyal following. This will be all the more evident when he goes out on tour next year. Those tickets will go like hot cakes!

Read the best bits of Jamie in 2012 here  <<<<

Now for this week's summary...

Vote for Jamie!

Jamie has received a nomination for UK Jazz Artist of the Year in the new Jazz FM Awards! 

You can register your vote now but it closes on December 31st. 

More details

You can also vote for Jamie's show in the European Podcast Awards! Read more

In other news...

  • A review was posted by Brasserie Blanc, following Jamie's special performance there. Read here
  • You can also see a video montage of that performance here
  • LP6 speculation here
  • Jamie flew over to Spain to perform on a Spanish TV show with Alejandro Sanz. Watch the video
  • Coming up on Tuesday's show - New Years Day Special. Tune into BBC Radio 2 from 7pm (UK time)
  • Dress for Success auction - you can bid for items donated by Sophie Dahl on 28th and 29th December. Read more
  • This year has welcomed new babies for band members Tom Richards and Chris Hill, along with the news of a second baby for Jamie & Sophie due soon. A next generation Cullum band in the making?!
  • New album from Kyle Eastwood The View From Here will be released in March 2013! See the album cover and a track from the album here

Stay on track with Jamie 

Suggestions to keep up with the latest news from Jamie can be found here. He has a fantastically loyal fan base all around the world, so we need to join together again in 2013 and show our support, not only by buying the new album but by telling friends and using social media to spread the word about him.

  • Nearly at 100K followers ... Twitter gig? 
  • The best news of the week came in a video message from Jamie which included the exciting update that the last mix for LP6 was finished just a few days ago and very early in the new year, we will finally hear details of when it's going to be out, what it going to be called and we will get to hear previews! Additionally, he will soon be shooting the album cover and doing the first videos. After the album is released in the early spring, Jamie will be hitting the road and visiting a city near YOU!


A quick word of thanks, if I may, to all friends, old and new, too many to name, for your continued support and reading of this Jamie Cullum blog and who regularly interact on Twitter/Facebook.

With a new baby AND a new album/tour on the way in 2013, things will certainly be busy in the Cullum Camp. Exciting times for JC fans too. Hope to see some of you on the road soon!

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