Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jamie Oliver, Sophie Dahl and The Stroke Association

Jamie and Jools Oliver have joined Sophie Dahl calling on families across the UK to ‘adopt’ the Stroke Association as their family charity of the year for 2013.
Fundraising is more fun when you do it together as a family,  that’s why Sophie Dahl and Jamie and Jools Oliver want families to adopt the Stroke Association as their charity of the year for 2013.  Sophie Dahl explained why she’s backing the campaign: “My beloved grandmother, Patricia Neal, served as the Stroke Association's honorary Vice Chair, after her own devastating series of strokes as a relatively young woman. Adopting the Stroke Association as your family charity for the year is such a great, practical concept.
“Through the story of her own unflinching rehabilitation, I know that the work this charity undertakes in supporting stroke survivors and those affected by stroke is absolutely vital" ... Read more

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