Friday, 8 March 2013

Looking Ahead

While Jamie takes time off to be with his lovely family following the birth of his second daughter, here at All Things Cullum we are thinking ahead to the rest of 2013. 

  • April will see the third anniversary of Jamie's BBC Radio 2 show. Recent news of record listeners is a sure sign that Jamie is a hit on the UK's most listened to radio station! As is our custom each year, we will once again celebrate and you can join fellow Jamie Cullum fans from around the globe online for our Twitter Party! It looks like JC HQ and Folded Wing will be getting involved too. Stay tuned for more details!
  • In May, that long awaited new album will be released, finally! Time for more celebration then. There will be all the tv/radio/press promo to look out for. I am hoping for a BBC Radio 2 special showcase! After all, he is one of their star presenters. Social network feeds will no doubt go into meltdown as fans discuss the new record! Also in May, Jamie will be at Cheltenham Jazz Festival in his role as Guest Director and also reporting for BBC Radio 2.
  • Live gigs will follow, as Jamie and his intrepid band drop in on festivals around Europe throughout the summer. He will be trying out his new material so if you can get a ticket, don't miss out! Check the tour page for the details.
  • There are plans for a tour starting in the autumn. No details available yet but should be announced soon.
  • 2013 is a milestone year in Jamie's career as it marks ten years since the release of Jamie's third album Twentysomething. That's another great reason to celebrate, so look out for some special features on the blog over the coming months! 

So far, the year has proved very exciting and there is much to look forward to still in 2013! 

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Here's a taste of what to expect at a Jamie Cullum concert. 

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