Friday, 10 May 2013

Jamie Needs YOU!

With just ten days until the eagerly awaited release of Jamie Cullum's new album Momentum, I have been thinking about how we fans can join together for a last push to help spread the word.

Jamie's management and label have been doing a superb job in building momentum (had to be said!) over the past few months and Jamie has a very loyal fanbase around the globe, which he has made very clear he appreciates greatly. 

I am sure you will agree with me that from what we have already heard, this is definitely going to be an album worthy of GQ's statement, 'The remarkable return of Jamie Cullum'

There is a constant flurry of activity on Jamie's official social media channels and I know from the interaction just on this little site that fans are eager and very excited about the album. So how can this enthusiasm be channelled and improved on? The days of the street team are long gone but we can still make a difference! Here are just a few ideas you might like to use online yourself and I would love to hear what thoughts you have and what you are planning to do! Please comment below, tweet me or email me.

  • Pre-order your copy of Momentum. Buy an extra one as a gift for a friend! It would be fantastic if it gets to that #1 slot in the first week!
  • On Monday May 20th, it would be cool if as many fans as possible changed their social media avatars to the Momentum cover
  • Don't underestimate the power of social media and word-of-mouth recommendation! We all know how news spreads like wildfire, especially on Twitter. Before you know it, Momentum could go viral and might introduce new fans to Jamie's music who might otherwise not hear about it. Also, add the hashtag #Momentum to your tweets
  • You might like to review the album and post on iTunes or Amazon
  • Email a request to your local radio station to play Everything You Didn't Do or another album track
  • If you use Spotify or another music sharing site, why not make a playlist including songs from Momentum, then share with your friends
  • There are some influential music forums out there, and if you already participate, maybe you could start a thread on Momentum 

Caution: Of course, whatever you do, take care not to spam!

Hope you will all join in with the countdown to the release of Jamie's latest masterpiece and share on your networks! 


Don't forget, the day after release, Tuesday May 21st, there will be an online Twitter party during Jamie's BBC Radio 2 show, starting around 7pm (UK time) so please join in! As well as enjoying the radio show together, we can share our initial thoughts on Momentum. JOIN US!

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