Monday, 13 May 2013

Sony Awards Preview by Robin Blamires

Interesting preview ahead of tonight's Sony Radio Awards Ceremony by Robin Blamires. Here's what Robin says about Jamie. Read the rest of this article here
Jamie Cullum, Folded Wing for BBC Radio 2 (Best Music Broadcaster)
Again, another worthy contender in a tough but great category.
This is a rare example of a specialist music show that has managed to convert
those who wouldn’t normally listen to the tunes played.
And who better to host than Jamie Cullum himself, who has already done
just that with his own music, and is sharing that of the artists who inspired him
and continue to do so.
Personal highlights in 2012 including an interview with Carmen Lundy, a vastly
underrated female jazz vocalist who should be getting all the success that 
the likes of Diana Krall are receiving.
Though having said that Diana Krall was also interviewed later in the year,
and rather surprisingly, the album she was promoting wasn’t too bad actually.
And it’s not just jazz performers who share the spotlight, as actors, broadcasters
and musicians from other genres share their jazz influences with Jamie,
with one notable standout being The Brian Ferry Jazz Orchestra who gave
the dixieland treatment to some Roxy Music favourites.
An hour is not long enough for a show of this standard, and should this grab
the Gold, hopefully Bob Shennan will give this a longer timeslot, preferrably
in that of Elaine Paige?…
I can dream.

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