Monday, 20 May 2013

Take the Momentum Challenge!

The day has come. Momentum has arrived! 

Since it is album number six, Jamie himself previously introduced the working title LP6 and based on that, fellow fan and Cullumholic Facebook Group founder Paul Shevel has come up with a super challenge for you all! We would like to invite you to submit your reviews of Momentum - but the catch is that it can only be 6 words. Be honest and creative!

If you would like to write in your native language, we would be very glad to receive this too!

Tomorrow night, the Jamie Cullum global fan community will come together online for an hour as is customary for the occasion of Jamie's radio show, but it will be extra special, as we share the excitement of a new JC release together at the Momentum Launch Party. We hope as many of you as possible will join us and share your 6 word reviews. These will be collated and shared in a blog post at a later date, with each reviewer being credited. A copy of the reviews will also be sent to Jamie to enjoy.

If you are not able to attend the Twitter Party, or live in a country where Momentum has not yet been released but still wish to submit your 6 word review, feel free to email me in the coming week or so. 

So wordsmiths, don your thinking caps and get listening to the new album, then share your thoughts - but remember, the challenge is 6 words only!

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