Tuesday, 16 July 2013

All Things Cullum chats to Emilia Martensson

Embla, aka Rory Simmons and Emilia Martensson, released a stunning musical creation today - A Thousand Times

All Things Cullum caught up with Emilia to ask about the project and working with Rory.

How did this collaboration with Rory come about?
Me and Rory have known each other since going to music college together and about 1 1/2 years ago the idea of a collaboration for a side project came up as we both enjoy each others music and both wanted a different outlet to what we normally do musically. Working together with Rory and writing these tunes together with him has been a lot of fun and a great learning experience for me as I have never sung or written music (or lyrics) in this style before.

You live in London but hail from Sweden. How much of the EP is influenced by your Swedish background?
I think generally speaking, the way I sing is very influenced by the Swedish folk music I grew up listening to. Definitely some of the simple melancholic melody lines you can hear on the Embla EP originates from this too.
Also, both me and Rory are very influenced by music from Scandinavia. Little Dragon, Bjork and Hanne Hukkelberg for example are some of our influences to this specific project.

Will there be some Embla live shows?
There will definitely be some live shows coming up after the summer, once the boys have come back from their busy touring lives and once I have finished recoding my album, which by the way is being produced by the lovely Rory Simmons and is coming out in February on Babel Label.
~ Thanks Emilia!

Stay tuned for more on those live Embla dates and the new album from Emilia. Follow her on Twitter!
Also, be sure to listen to the Jamie Cullum show on BBC Radio 2 next week, which features a Maida Vale session from Kairos 4Tet with special guest Emilia!

Listen to the new Embla EP and download from rorysimmons.bandcamp.com

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