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Gregory Porter Q&A at Jazzwise

Gregory popped in to see the guys at Jazzwise this afternoon for a
Photo credit: Jazzwise
@jamiecullumfans: Your life story thus far & rise to fame is fascinating and inspiring. Would you ever fancy writing an autobiography?
GP: The musical I wrote 'Nat king cole and me' is autobiographical but I wrote it 10 years ago, the 2nd act was fantasy. But that is slowly becoming reality, like the Albert Hall concert!

@njukey: I would love to hear a duet between you and Miss Randy Crawford, I think it would be mind blowing.
GP: yeah I would love to, she's a legend

@_helen_hayward: has your rapid success been a surprise or did you always know you had the talent to make it?
GP: I always thought if given the opportunity I had the goods to fulfil the empty star

@roxnwaves: Liquid Spirit has a gospel and stomp kind of groove to it, I love it! What are your main influences in your music now?
GP: I draw from many influences but that song is from my 6 year-old self stomping his feet and clapping his hands at church

@Justin_Randall_: Biggest influences?
GP: varied, and for me they come from blues, soul, jazz, Donnie Hathaway, Bill Withers, Tony Bennett and many more. Also, influences nobody knows - Mexican street singing, an old man in church, I'm influenced in the basic humanity in the common voice

@Sissyk105: Hello! Thank you for coming to Japan!! It was a wonderful night in Blue Note Tokyo! How was your stay in Japan?
GP Amazing - great hospitality, so much creativity everywhere you look in Japan, from tiny restaurant alleys, grand architecture, amazing gardens

@mysterylesson: is it true that, instead of hair, your head is covered with thousands  of tiny eyes on stalks, thus the ubiquitous hat?
GP: dreadlocks, but also... It's my jazz hat, the likes of monks hats, lester youngs pork pie, Marcus millers black hat

@soulboysi: Gregory which modern day artists would you like to collaborate with?
GP: Janelle Monae, Jill Scott, Robert Glasper... Can I say Stevie Wonder? 

@mzsoulll: I've just discovered you last night, and I am so moved by the beauty of your music. It is powerful!
GP Thankyou, that's an honest emotion and that's how I want to come across musically

@joeboy37: Yo GP! What are you listening to right now as you read this?
GP: @JessieJ is on the radio, and we sang harmonies together at Jools Holland Hootenanny 2011!

@jamiecullumfans:  Looks like the #LiquidSpirit video was fun to make, especially working with the family! How did the concept come about?
GP: the song is asking for people to have a release of energy, so I used my family and my community - the video is all my neighbours! Half of Bed-stuy was there!

@nigem7: GP you are a legend only recently discovered your music. Do you feel Jazz is still relevent in todays music industry?
GP: yes, elements of jazz are used in all different types of music, the sound and feel is used from Justin Timberlake to Rod Stewart! The music can have just as wide of an appeal as any music, it's classic yet looking to the future

@dreflection2011: If you could pick only one song to take with you to a desert island, what would it be and why?
GP: 'Nature Boy' by Nat King Cole, it soothes me

@TherealZoeAlice: when is @I_GregoryPorter performing next in the UK? Loving #liquidspirit
 GP: I'll be at the Royal Albert Hall on 30th October @BluesFestUK

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