Friday, 27 September 2013

Jamie Cullum interviews Chas & Dave

Article in The Guardian:

When our chat finishes, Chas & Dave head downstairs, where Jamie Cullum is waiting to interview the pair about pub piano playing for a Radio 4 programme he's making about pianos for which they will play some music together. Chas & Dave have to retune their guitars to match Cullum's piano. "That's why there aren't pianos in pubs any more," Cullum says, laughing. "They don't stay in tune." And then, for the benefit of those who doubt Chas & Dave are serious musicians, comes a moment of proof. The three of them run through I Can't Give You Anything But Love, the standard that appears on That's What Happens, Chas picking at a battered Telecaster, Cullum vamping on piano. As the song winds up, Chas picks out a long, lazy jazz line to bring it to a close, and Cullum, lost, stops playing. "You're going to have show me what you're doing before we record," he says. And he smiles. Just like everyone else in the pub.

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