Saturday, 26 October 2013

Being a dad has changed Jamie

Western Morning News writes:

Jamie Cullum's most recent album, Momentum, is, without doubt, his best yet. It's because, for the first time, he has penned practically all of the tracks himself, which is perhaps puzzling given that it's his sixth studio offering, that he's now the wrong side of 30 and that he has happily settled into married life – with cookery writer Sophie Dahl – and fatherhood.

Having experimented with everything from rock to hip hop in his teens, he had the freedom in his 20s to rip up the jazz rule book and rework classic rock tracks as well as jazz standards, becoming the biggest selling British jazz artist in the process.

So you would think he might already have produced his most exciting work. But it's only after creating Momentum that Jamie can say, hand on heart, "for the first time, I've started to think of myself in terms of someone who creates stuff for a living."  ... Read more

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