Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Jazz alumnus joins Jamie Cullum band

A little introduction to new bass player Loz Garrett.

Trinity Laban jazz alumnus Loz Garratt has joined Jamie Cullum's band as bass player.
Loz,, who graduated in 2011 with BMus (Hons) in Jazz, said he was asked to audition by Chris Hill, Jamie's old bass player: "Chris also plays for the singer Joe Stilgoe, who had seen me playing at the Spice of Life in the band of another Trinity Laban alumnus; Matt Roberts. When Chris announced he was leaving Jamie's band, Joe recommended me for an audition. After that, I was invited to Jamie's house to have a more thorough play, then I was flown to Germany to watch one of his shows and then - after a few weeks - I got an email from Jamie telling me I'd got the gig." ... Read more

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