Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Great reaction to Jamie's performance at Magic Sparkle Gala

Here at All Things Cullum, we like to hear when other people have enjoyed seeing Jamie live or liked his music. Tonight he was on stage at London's IndigO2 for Magic Sparkle Gala and below is a sample of some very positive feedback on Twitter:

@meganxparryx A little bit in love with after

@adamjdrake84  was really amazing live, lightening hands

@HJStubbs Would love to meet Jamie Cullum after his fantastic performance tonight!

@DamnitsChloee Jamie Cullum was fantastic, absolute amazing performer.

@grahamhush Wow, Jamie Cullum was fantastic!!!

@AmyM_091991  amazing!!! Can we keep him?

@TheWildeFish Wow, that Jamie Cullum guy was actually pretty awesome! Very talented. And yes he did 2 piano jumps. Not mentioning he was right next to us!

@magicfmverity Über talented adding proper sparkle

@MaddyRB  is THE biggest legend!!! Wow! unbelievable piano!!

@mac_guitar Flip 's band are ridiculous musicians! 

@NatalieDeo Never seen him live but is MAD talented. Man can write music, play instruments, sing and beatbox!

~ Were you at the show? What did you think?

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