Thursday, 30 January 2014

Jamie Cullum - Tokyo Review

Jamie played his first show of the Japan Tour last night in Tokyo. Here's a review from Smashing Mag, followed by a loose English translation by Google

 今日の同会場での追加公演も絶対に素晴らしいものとなるはず。その後ツアーは、1/31 難波ハッチ、2/2 名古屋ダイアモンド・ホール、2/3 広島クラブクアトロ、2/4 福岡ドラムロゴスを巡る。スタンディングの会場ではぜひ間近で、彼の自由でエネルギッシュなパフォーマンスを体験してみてほしい。

Jamie column, Fuji Rock Festival 2010 visit to Japan since. New album " Momentum is the first day of the tour this time toting ", Sorudo out. Audience of 1F swells stood up in unison with his appearance. Shooting became a termination in the first three songs, but full throttle move around to the left to the right stage alone during, and jumps from the piano. Orchard Hall was felt strongly in narrow presence full of his power.
 Should additional performances at the same venue today also becomes absolutely wonderful. Tour, around 1/31 Namba Hatch, 2/2 Nagoya Diamond Hall, 2/3 Hiroshima Club Quattro, 2/4 Fukuoka Drum Logos then. The up close by all means at the venue of standing, I want to try to experience the performance and energetic his freedom.

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