Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Where has 2015 gone?


After some major technical problems and lack of time to fix them, this site is back! Will need some tweaks and updating but hope you will bear with me and visit regularly. 

Stay tuned for a catchup as the year comes to a close. He is working on his next album so there will be much to report in the coming year. 

He is as busy as ever! This week alone has seen Jamie playing not one but two brilliant gigs in London, England, as well as helping to launch a special pop-up jazz radio station with BBC Music. 

I snapped this shot on Sunday evening at The Roundhouse, Camden where Jamie and his project On Mass, a host of young musicians from around the world, came together to create something very unique and special. You can watch the whole show here

It was wonderful to see him so happy and still sounding incredible, in fact, he just keeps getting better, of that I have no doubt. 

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