Thursday, 11 August 2016

Remi Harris to perform with Jamie Cullum tonight!

Ahead of his performance at the Royal Albert Hall with Jamie Cullum this evening, the incredibly talented guitarist Remi Harris chats to All Things Cullum

Hi Remi! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to me. Tonight, you will play at London's Royal Albert Hall no less! How are you feeling about playing at such an iconic venue? 

Remi  - ​It's pretty surreal playing in such an amazing venue. I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be playing at the BBC Proms one day.​

Is this one of your biggest shows to date?

​Remi - Yes by far
You are supporting Jamie at his prom along with your band - Mike Green (bass) and Caley Groves (guitar). Can you give us a clue of what we will get to hear? And is there a possibility of a collaboration with Jamie?!

Remi - ​We'll be playing a tune called Old Devil Moon with Jamie. This is an old jazz standard which Jamie recorded on his Twentysomething album, we have done our best to adapt it to work with our gypsy jazz sound and I'm honored that we will do this tune with Jamie.​

Congratulations on the recent release of your excellent album 'In On The 2' on your own label! How important is it to you to be so involved in the whole process from start to finish?

Remi - ​Thank you! It's nice​ that we can do it ourselves. We send out every CD from our house to the customers which puts us in direct contact with our audience. I guess it makes it all a very personal experience. Dani my wife is the boss and so our business is very home grown which works well for us.

You continue to be very busy touring, getting rave reviews from industry people and high profile musicians, including Jamie, who has championed you since you got your break with BBC Introducing and given you airplay on his BBC Radio 2 show! Most recently, you were invited to play Montreal Jazz Festival. What did you enjoy most about that experience?

Remi - ​We had a great time in Montreal! I really enjoyed getting chance to see the city and it was a really good learning experience for us. It was also great to meet and hear the other groups (Dakhla and Mirror Signal) that were invited to play.

What's next for Remi Harris after your RAH gig? 
Remi - We'll continue with our gigging schedule, I'll keep practicing and learning new stuff and I'm starting to think about my next album which I hope to get the ball rolling on soon. I'm also working on a new electric group (Guitar, Bass and Drums) which will hopefully give me the opportunity to develop other areas of my playing in particular my electric guitar playing.

All the very best for the show tonight Remi. You will blow them all away!

Remi - ​Thank You!!

You can listen to the prom which features Remi and other special guests with Jamie on BBC Radio 3 from 22:15. The gig will be broadcast on the BBC later in the month. 

Find out more about Remi at

Remi & band rehearsing today
Photo credit: Yardbird Arts

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